Improve your intercultural skills
DIVINT offers FREE training resources for trainers, teachers, mentors who want to be efficient in educating intercultural trainee groups
What is DIVINT and for whom?

DIVINT (DIVersity, INtegration, Training) project aims to develop a new European dimension on intercultural education in adults' education processes by addressing the diversity inherent to our multicultural societies, from the human rights and intercultural learning perspectives combined with language learning. Innovative pedagogies, like
- the dialogic learning (learning that takes place through dialogue) and
- the peer learning (which help students and learners to play an active role in the teaching-learning process)
will be adapted and applied to the specific needs of the target groups of users and beneficiaries, in order to build intercultural settings in classrooms and training environments.

The project is targeted to:
users – adult training centers, school and VET teachers, trainers, educators, mentors and counselors;
final beneficiaries - training centers, school and VET students and learners.