Improve your intercultural skills
DIVINT offers FREE training resources for trainers, teachers, mentors who want to be efficient in educating intercultural trainee groups
How we plan to achieve this?

… by elaborating the following innovative tools:

- a DIVINT Curriculum – an Open Educational Resource, developed on the basis of the identified needs in the partner countries, aimed at teachers and trainers, in order to help them combining language teaching with inter- and multiculturalism

-a DIVINT Assessment Kit – a methodological guide that will formalize a process of identification of skills carried by the target groups in order to orient them to the relevant training processes.

- a DIVINT Toolbox – a useful set of practical activities based on the DIVINT Curriculum, containing practical tools to support educators in their formal, non-formal and informal teaching processes

- a DIVINT Handbook - a trainer’s guide, developed on the basis of the Curriculum, explaining, how the Toolbox resources can be effectively used to assist in the delivery of a coherent program

- an Online Learning platform (Open Educational Resource) – a digital space, using interactive learning elements like scenarios and gamification, addressed to both educators and learners to raise awarenessand develop knowledge on different elements related with language learning and diversity